BurtonBands Anterior Kit


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Natural-looking anterior restorations rely on proper contour and embrasure placement. These critical components are difficult to perfect using plastic matrix systems that can restrict access to the restoration. The BurtonBands Anterior Matrix System aids in forming the proximal wall, while giving you full control to properly sculpt and shape the facial and lingual embrasures prior to polymerization, which produces superior results and significantly reduces finishing time. The BurtonBands Anterior Matrix System provides a constant in an otherwise highly variable environment, which results in more consistent and efficient restorations. 


    • The design features a 38 micron metal matrix attached to a plastic wedge.
    • The notched wedge clicks into place, stabilizing the matrix and freeing both hands for restoration.
    • The matrix is contoured yet flexible, allowing it to follow the shape of the tooth from the root surface to the incisal edge.
    • The wedge has a unique handle design. The square head can be placed with fingers or cotton tweezers. No special tools are required.


    • Provides full access to the restoration resulting in improved facial embrasure formation and the ability to properly shape and position the incisal embrasure.
    • Allows for easy placement in a single step without the need for extensive matrix modifications.
    • The metal matrix is burnishable and thinner than plastic strips, which allows for control over contour and proximal contact.
    • Creates a slight separation between the teeth, improving proximal contact formation.
    • Significantly decreases post-polymerization finishing time.
    • Consistently seals the gingival margin while allowing access to hard-to-reach subgingival caries, which eliminates isolation issues, excess flash and overhanging margins.
    • Matrix height can be trimmed for use in diastema closure cases.

 Kit includes:

    • 35 left-facing wedges
    • 35 right-facing wedges


Instructions for Use