Our Goal

The Burton Dental Innovations goal is to replace the "technique sensitivity" in direct composite dentistry with innovative products, allowing dentists to efficiently & confidently achieve perfection.  


About Dr. Matthew Burton, DDS


Dr. Matthew Burton, DDS has worked as an established dental practitioner in Illinois since 2008. Like most dentists, his schedule was filled with one of the most common procedures: direct composite restorations. After several years practicing and a few thousand fillings later, Dr. Burton became frustrated with the available Class II matrix systems. He tried nearly every ring, matrix & wedge system on the market.  Yet he still struggled to achieve the efficient and consistent results he was seeking. He ultimately found that the difficulty lies in properly wedging the matrix bands. If not performed correctly, it cost him valuable time, required unnecessary post polymerization adjustments, and ultimately led to a lack of confidence in the procedure.

Dr. Burton began contemplating new ideas to make his chair-side time more efficient.  He discovered that he could simplify the entire Class 2 process by simply modifying the design of the wedge:  And VursaWedge was born.  The VursaWedge's unique design allows it to work "with" your matrix system...not "against" it.  VursaWedge has forever changed how Dr. Burton practices dentistry in his efficiency and confidence to handle whatever walks through the door.  

The BurtonBands Anterior Matrix System has a similar background. Dr. Burton found that the matrices available in the marketplace were often inefficient, unpredictable and frustrating to use. He created a similar wedge and matrix combination that provides proper contour and better access than other matrix systems.

With no other products like it on the market, Dr. Burton knew there would be demand for his matrix devices. In 2017, he formed Burton Dental Innovations to begin marketing and selling his products to other dentists who face the same challenges in their own practices.

Despite launching Burton Dental Innovations, Dr. Burton is still a practicing dentist. This provides him with the opportunity to continue to develop new products that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of current dental procedures.