Please take time to carefully review these user instructions. BurtonBands is a revolutionary restorative product that, when used properly, will greatly enhance operator efficiency and outcomes. These products are very different from what is currently available, so please take time to understand how they work.  


Cleaning and Sterilization:

BurtonBands matrices and wedges are intended to be single-use products. Do not sterilize for reuse.


User Instructions:

  1. Apply a rubber dam – Patient safety is always a priority.   BurtonBands recommends use of a rubber dam for all restorative procedures.  If a rubber dam is not used, it is recommended that the operator secure the wedge with a piece of floss to reduce the risk of accidental ingestion or aspiration.
  2. Prepare the cavity – Complete the cavity preparation as usual using a pre-wedge and guard to protect the adjacent tooth if necessary. Pre-wedging is recommended. 
  3. Insert the wedge – Select either a left- or right-facing wedge depending which side of the tooth is being restored. Insert the wedge from the buccal side until the wedge locks into place.
  4. Adjust the matrix – Confirm that the matrix has sealed the interproximal margins of the cavitation and burnish against the adjacent tooth if necessary to create the appropriate contour and contact.
  5. Fill the cavitation – Using your preferred etching, bonding, composite and curing products, complete the restoration. The open buccal and lingual faces of the tooth provide full access for sculpting prior to polymerization.
  6. Remove the wedge – If needed, break the bond between the composite and matrix band with an explorer. Remove and discard the wedge.
  7. Complete the restoration – Shape and polish as needed.

Watch Dr. Burton's video demonstrations for more information.