We have been working hard to finalize manufacturing, and have simultaneously made important product design improvements. Here are some of the highlights:


  • Engineered an interlocking design for the posterior system, which allows the Split Wedge and Force Wedge to lock into place when inserted. This prevents the Force Wedge from dislodging during the procedure and ensures adequate separation. what-s-new-interlocking.png
  • Simplified the posterior system by reducing Force Wedge sizes to a single wedge. The new Force Wedge design can be used right-side up in normal embrasures or can be inverted to accommodate larger embrasures.what-s-new-fw-v2.png
  • Perfected the dimensions of the posterior wedges to allow for predictable placement and results.what-s-new-split-wedge.png
  • Improved matrix band contour for accurate and clean restorations.what-s-new-band-contour.png


We are also excited to share that we have been granted patents on both our Anterior and Posterior systems, which demonstrates that BurtonBands is an innovative product that will revolutionize restorative dentistry.